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Posted on Sun, 12 Apr 2009 22:47 by Marketing
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Here at Mac Store, we love simple things- so check out this iPod accessory, the MacMice's Clips for iPod Shuffle!

This iPod accessories clips are a set of three incredibly useful alternative carrying gadgets for your iPod shuffle. This iPod accessories lets you clip your shuffle to a belt, waistband, or pocket. The gripper lets you clamp your shuffle to your collar, your shirt lapel, or your sleeve. And, the pushpin makes it simple to just stick your shuffle securely to any item of clothing, anywhere you choose. All three clips are packaged together with this iPod accessory, so you will always have just the right clip for whatever you want to do with your shuffle.

The three clips that come in The Clips set are well engineered products that snap securely to the USB plug end of your iPod shuffle, and stay there... even during busy activities or very active exercise or sports. Made from the same durable and good-looking white ABS plastics as the iPod shuffle, and from high quality stainless steel and galvanized metal parts, The Clips are built to resist corrosion, and keep on working and looking good into the future. Despite being small and inexpensive, these are not 'throw away' items. They're built to last.

As a fashion statement, the white string lanyard that comes with your iPod shuffle is cool. But, besides it getting dirty quickly, many times having your shuffle swinging around your neck just isn't the most ideal way to carry your little music player. If you exercise or play sports, the shuffle should be reliably clipped or pinned to your clothing, and the earbuds run up inside your shirt. If you are at work (and at many schools), it's probably best to 'not' make such a fashion statement, and to discreetly pin or clip your shuffle inside your clothing, out of sight. And, if you are a student and carry a backpack or just have another reason for carrying a bag, it can be handy to keep your shuffle clipped or pinned to the bag. With The Clips, all of those mounting methods are possible, and more!


  • This iPod accessories three-in-one set provides for your entire shuffle carrying needs
  • This iPod accessories holds your iPod shuffle securely and safely
  • This iPod accessories matches the iPod design and resists corrosion and wear
  • This iPod accessories is small yet inexpensive, these clips are for any shuffle owner
"This iPod accessory is great for our Mac Store customers," says Stephen Khoo, director of Mac Store, "it is inexpensive, and incredibly useful!"

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