An iPod accessory to buy a teenager!

Posted on Thu, 23 Apr 2009 22:11 by Marketing
An iPod accessory to buy a teenager! images

Here at Mac Store, we too, have all know how hard it is to buy our teenagers presents, what do they want? Too old for such things as barbies, yet still young to enjoy the novelty of rubbish adult presents, like car-key finders, or screw driver kits. So, Mac Store have been on the look out, for something hip, trendy, and be useful! It was a long journey, but we seemed to have cracked it! Let us explain, most teenagers will already own the lastest iPod, with all the latest songs, so why not get an iPod accessory that all their friends will go green at? The iSkin Nano Vibes for iPod Nano 4G, just think about this iPod accessory for a second, wouldn't teenagers love it? It's hip- the funky designs are just genius! It's trendy- designed by top designers, AND it's useful- it really will protect your beloved teenager's iPod Nano. And if you're not a teenager, but loves this iPod accessory's latest design, then go on, treat yourself!

Add an amazing splash of fun and style to your iPod Nano 4G with the fashionably aware iSkin Vibes! Designed to enhance your beloved device’s natural beauty, the iSkin Vibes arrives in seven eye–catching design pattern choices. Simply choose the pattern — or patterns — that express your unique sense of fun and style, and you’re good to go!

The soft, robust material perfectly hugs your iPod Nano 4G and delivers essential device and screen protection, while a firm, clear adhesive-free attachment guards your vulnerable Click Wheel area. And for added functionality, the iSkin Vibes comes with a clear port cover, and a dock adapter for the Apple universal dock.


  • This amazing iPod accessory is pattern for perfection - Your Nano's natural colour shines through the case to create a fun design all over.
  • Covers the dock area, and comes with an Apple Universal Dock
  • Protects the screen in a layer of strong, clear plastic.
  • This iPod skin shelters the cover wheel in a clear, adhesive-free attachment that defends where you need it most

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